Work at the Club with the Tips of the Image and Style Consultant Fernanda Cavenaghi

Comes the weekend and your concern, many times, it’s not the place to go, and what to wear, right? OK, it is easy to understand. Recurrently, the ideas for the look of the ballad are exhausted, isn’t it? And the most frequent question is: how to make parts of the wardrobe for the ballad? Know that the task is possible and more simple than it seems. How? Take note of the plays and tricks that can save your weekend!

Work at the Club with the Tips of the Image and Style Consultant Fernanda Cavenaghi

* Asymmetrical Parts, with broader necklines, transparencies, cracks, mini lengths, the top croppeds, powerful jumps and Add-ons daring are released! But beware, unite all these details in a single look can seem unremarkable.

* The ideal is to have balance in choosing the look of rock and roll, and use the famous game of “show hide”, IE, if you show up, hide in bottom, or vice versa.

* All parts that have a footprint sexy fall very well for the look of ballad.

* Combine your cropped top with waist high. But, if you want to leave your tummy out (remember that not every body type permits!), throw a jacket or a jacket over it, to bring elegance to the look, balancing your sexy production.

And since we’re talking about the blazer look ballad, the combination mini shorts blazer is very charming and a wonderful choice for your nightly productions.

* The short jeans becomes more Rico when paired with a blouse made of fabrics like silk or satin, forming a perfect duo for the ballad.

* The body with wider neckline is incredible alone or underneath a shirt with the buttons open.

* Leather Parts are essential to ensure charm and sensuality to your look of ballad. Cooled? Throw your black leather jacket over any production.

* Income Tops or lingerie on display can be very sensual and carry enough personality. But, on the other hand, can be a danger. Care must be taken not to let the look vulgar. Not to miss, the trick is to not show the body and leave the spotlight to the top/lingerie chosen.

* Combine your boots Over The Knee with a pair of the same color, ensuring a more elongated silhouette. Want more? How about combining OTK boot maxi skirt t-shirt or shorts in the mini length? Or, bet on the combination OTK boots-sweater dress. Sexy in the right measure!

* And of course, we cannot fail to mention the accessories, those who make real miracles in your look, if used correctly. The choker is a great option, since it adds a touch of daring to look instantly. Bet on combination of necklaces of different lengths. Is guaranteed success!

Now that you know the key parts and the tricks to boost your nocturnal productions, release your imagination and work on your next ballad.