What are the Differences Among Sweater, Pullover and Cardigan

When it comes to warm clothes especially made of wool, have the sweater, Cardigan and pullover. Are cold parts can also be made with other tissues, but that has caused a lot of confusion among men and even women. Many confused and I’ve even seen stores changing the names of the pieces.So let’s explain what it is and what the differences between them.

What is Sweater?

What is it? The sweater is a tracksuit usually made of wool, although it is also found in cotton and other fabrics. He’s all closed and can be sleeved or vest. The most modern models has been with v-neck, despite the round-neck version/bald too.

What is Pullover?

What is it? Is any jacket that didn’t button and put on other clothes. The difference between the sweater and pullover is none, a sweater is a pullover. Many use the term to denote a wool sweater.

What is Cardigan?

What is it? A type of coat usually also made of wool with front buttons and with a v-neck dug in front. The main difference between cardigan and sweater are these buttons in front. Both always used with something underneath and warm clothes.