ULVANG Functional Underwear: An Innovative Collection of Merino Wool

Wool is a miracle of nature. In the past, a variety was undertaken by trying synthetic to mimic the benefits of wool, without success. Wool has the best climate-regulating properties of all fibers. She keep warm in cold weather and cool in heat, making it functional material and perfect companion for outdoor activities all year round an unrivalled.

In addition, wool has many other good features:

  • Wool is not dirty or stained.
  • Wool is not electrostatic charges.
  • Wool keeps the shape and is this soft and cuddly.
  • Wool is fire-resistant – it is the natural fibre, which is the least flammable.
  • Wool sweat eliminated very well.
  • Wool is the most environmentally friendly fiber, which we have – she can even be composted!

ULVANG Functional Underwear An Innovative Collection of Merino Wool 1


The ULVANG collection has been developed together with Vegard Ulvang. Vegard Ulvang is Olympic champion, world champion and World Cup winner in cross-country skiing. This is only a small part of his story, he is known for his endless appetite for nature experiences. Crosses Vegard on skis Greenland, he has climbed some of the world’s highest mountains, he is ridden by Mongolia and paddled through Siberia. In particular, his tours in Norwegian nature have shaped but his youth and his life as an adult. Vegard has made many experiences during his expeditions and tours, among others concerning the clothing in changing conditions in nature. The idea for a high-quality Bodywear resulted in collection. It began in 1995 with the ULVANG special ward, the collection quickly became one of Socks – and linen range expands. The present collection includes also sweaters and caps manufactured Merino Wool.

ULVANG Functional Underwear An Innovative Collection of Merino Wool 2


In everyday life, leisure or sport, the use of which is ULVANG clothing
versatile and offer the right choice for every level of activity.


ULVANG KLASSIS is all-round Bodywear quality 100% Merino Wool. The Bodywear of the ULVANG KLASSIS is knitted in rib design collection K extra elastic and comfortable. Flat seams provide added comfort. Only the longest and finest wool fibers of Merino Wool are used for the Bodywear. So scratches and as good as do not pad the wool. ULVANG KLASSIS K is manufactured for washing in the washing machine at 40 ° C and can be dried in the tumble dryer at low temperature. ULVANG KLASSIS K suitable for tours with varying activity. The Bodywear automatically regulates the body temperature, depending on whether you sweat or rest. So, ULVANG KLASSIS K is the right choice for every season.

ULVANG Functional Underwear An Innovative Collection of Merino Wool 3


ULVANG COLIBRI is a lightweight, comfortable Bodywear series, which is equipped with high-tech mesh inserts for more comfort while training. The mesh inserts are strategically placed for an optimum moisture management body on the sides and back. In addition, the openings in the mesh inserts have cooling, as soon as the activity level drops. During the training, wool is the most stable temperature control under all fibres. The natural properties of wool keep the body at a uniform temperature level. The wool absorbs moisture and sweat, so that not only moist and cools the body. On warm days, wool regulates body temperature by cooling and evaporation. Also our body works with the same principle. We sweat to cool us down. So, regulates the Bodywear by ULVANG COLIBRI body temperature and helps you to keep each uniform temperature.

ULVANG Functional Underwear An Innovative Collection of Merino Wool 4


Wearing proper footwear and good socks is critical to a positive experience in nature. ULVANG socks among others consist of fine Merino quality which feels comfortable on the skin, is breathable, wicks moisture and warm keeps the feet – even if they are wet. The Merino Wool is combined with high-tech materials, which give various other properties of wool. The socks own so perfect for specific activities and applications. The socks have been tested in the laboratory and in nature. All socks of ULVANG can be washed at 40 ° C in the wool wash cycle of the washing machine.

ULVANG Functional Underwear An Innovative Collection of Merino Wool 5


Much wear and little washing! -Please hang the wool to “Clean” after use on the air. All ULVANG products can be washed in the wool wash cycle at 40 ° C in the washing machine, most of them also at low temperature tumble dry. This is indicated for each individual product. Ordinary washing powder are alkaline and contain enzymes which can damage the fibres of wool clothing. Therefore, we recommend using a special wool detergent. Wash knitwear always from the left into the Waschsack.#

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