Pullover: 3 timeless basics for every woman and every style

Wintertime is sweater-time with me. When the days get colder, there is nothing better than to curl up in the warming mesh splendor. Sweaters are a timeless Basic for every woman, every style and almost every occasion .Because you can combine sweaters in various ways and each conjure a different look. If you know the right for you shapes, colors and outfits, it is worth investing in quality pieces of fine material. Since the fashion designers each season offer a variety of models, but it is not always easy to find the right or the sweaters for your basic wardrobe. My tip: Among the many individual design there are three timeless classics that – are an asset to any wardrobe – regardless of trends.

1. The classic V-neck sweater: The all-rounder for every season

A basic wardrobe without v-neck sweater is hard to imagine for me. The classic V-neck sweater is solid, very fine or medium wool thickness and smooth knit. Depending on which figural proportions you, choose something more or waisted, shorter or longer versions and a lower or higher V-neck.

Are you a woman with small breasts and petite the constructed upper body , you can also draw on jumpers with round neckline. The classic round-neck sweater is also one of the timeless classics of the basic wardrobe and is just to use as its counterpart V-Neck.


A classic v-neck sweater in a neutral color and quality is a timeless basic for any reason cloakroom.

V-neck sweater are incredibly versatile combinations. In the office looks a pencil skirt, a classic shirt blouse underneath and possibly a narrow belt at the waist to great. But also to pleated pants in men’s style of V sweatshirt is a suitable partner. During leisure, you wear it straight, with T-shirt or blouse with jeans, leather or chinos. Precious is the all-time favorite incombination with black evening or dress trousers , to narrow Glitter skirt or 7/8 cigarette pants in silk and high heels.

Another advantage of the V-sweater: In fine cashmere-silk quality he is a companion for almost any season. In winter you can have a thin turtleneck (see Jumper Basic Nr. 2) including or wear a long sweater about it in layered look. In the summer he hangs casually over the shoulders of your t-shirts and you warm on those cool evenings. The V-neck sweater is your partner for all cases and may you all many occasions accompany stylishly.

2. The thin turtleneck sweater: with this combination wonder for leisure and office

In the colder months is indispensable for me a simple, thin knit turtleneck sweater. A figure close model that I like to wear, I have in several colors. A sweater with turtleneck is easily portable for almost all types of figures, unless attention is paid to the following details:


The turtleneck sweater in fine knit is a valuable combination partners for each style.

  • A neck near turtleneck is mainly women with slender neck and small bust , oftenH-figure types .
  • A character types and women with O character and hourglass figure should look for wider, larger turtleneck out.
  • Y character types should prefer raglan sleeves.

I wear my turtleneck both neat and under blazers, jackets and long knit cardigans or ponchos. They can be combined with almost anything: pencil skirt, further maxi skirt, all types of pants and even among shift or shift dresses that are winterized with a turtleneck underneath and opaque tights and boots or booties. Also V-jumpers (see Jumper Basic no. 1) and chunky knit sweaters (see Jumper Basic no. 3), they can be joined to an extremely warm outfit. More adaptability is just not possible.

3. The chunky knit sweater: The paragon with heat-Guarantee

Coarse knit sweater are currently all the rage. However, the trendy pieces play with gradients, color patterns, combinations of materials, applications and all potential (and in my view, impossible) designs. My advice: Go with such fashionable contemporary phenomena with extreme care. Because of trendy might be embarrassing for the next season already. If in doubt, prefer the timeless, classic Grobstrick: for example, cable knit, ribbed or smooth surface appearance. Especially for thick winter sweater especially much wool is required, so that these sweaters are very upscale in quality materials.


A chunky knit sweater – here in classic cable knit with round neck – is a basic for your winter wardrobe.

A chunky knit sweater in quality is the basic of your winter wardrobe that keeps you reliably hot for years. More voluminous your sweater is cut, the narrower the silhouette of the lower body should be kept. That you can implement with narrow, straight pants, pencil skirts or straight-cut, calf-length skirts. Is your sweater waisted and shorter, you can also draw on other pants in men’s style or flared skirts. You’ll probably be such a model primarily at casual occasions, in acombination with jeans wear. Beautifully looks Grobstrick also in the material mix with leather.Right now there is also the trend to combine Grobstrick as contrast with fine, shiny and patterned or embroidered materials such as satin, lace, brocade, sequined or metallic lame. This results in interesting outfits that are suitable for other occasions. One thing is certain in any case: On a classic, chunky knit sweater winter will last a lifetime.

Particularly durable are your sweater classics, if you note the following:

Buying sweater only in colors and materials that accompany you and your basic wardrobe long!

I buy timeless, high-quality, high-priced classics prefer neutral base colors that I can combine in my closet with all accent colors. Only when these basics in the primary colors of my wardrobeare present, I extend the range gradually with my favorite accent colors such as red or purple .The neutral colors are black, dark blue, anthracite and light gray and brown, CAMEL, cream and white tones. Choose those warm or cool shades that match your color type and the existing colors of your wardrobe. Women with a strong upper body are well advised jumpers in darker base colors. Women with a slim upper body can also wear bright primary colors.
These classic sweaters in neutral colors, you are very, very long time to accompany. Therefore, it is worth investing in precious, natural materials. With high-quality cashmere, alpaca or merino wool – in mixtures, for example, with silk – you can not go wrong.

As always: Buy your basic wardrobe rather few, high-quality, timeless basics that suited to you, your character and your style type. With jumpers this is even truer. Because your sweaters are at best life partners that make almost anything with you – even if you bring even the odd kilo more on the scales …