More than 40 Looks Masculine approved by Women

Recently did an experiment using the tool Pinterest, social network sharing of images in folders (or murals?) where each user separates your content according to your preferences. I sought several folders whose housewives were women, but that to sustain themes like “suggestions for my boyfriend,” “looks for him” or “stylish men” and tried to assemble a pattern that would indicate what are the Visual elements that most appeals to the female audience, in other words male looks approved by women. I thought the task was not only very difficult, as there’s no showed me a default right! Many of them dug photos with basic combinations and further down the timeline favoritavam sophisticated compositions and very well prepared. But still some features seem to jump to the eye:

Both looks simple as in more elaborate cleaning and good presentation seems to be above all, that means no descoladão look look like a beggar;

Shoes take advantage over tennis, even in casual combos;

Blazers of any kind please women, maybe they consider a symbol of the man who understands fashion and know how to dress, although this is an assumption. And you can get more from smber.

The beards vary in size, but are always well trimmed and cared for, the rule also goes for the hair;

Women love accessories, but not only them, the boys too! Scarves, eyewear, watches and bracelets appear highlighted in some photos;

The jeans don’t have to be skinny, but I can tell that the cutting set is preferred;

Mixtures of tailoring with casual clothes are a constant element in the pictures “pinnate”;

Not surprisingly, suits with precise cutting in classic combinations also appear to make them smile;

Regardless of age they don’t seem to enjoy clothes look very teenager or sports, except when these are presented in a consistent, for example, they value a cool look with strong sports footprint if the photo shows someone leaving the Academy;

Colors are not problem, combinations with shades of gray appear as often as the more colorful, than to understand that the important thing is the result;

Moderninhos and different touches such as colored stockings and patterned bowties, also receive applause from the crowd.

Photo Gallery With Masculine Looks Approved By Women And Selected Social Networks

Below I selected a few recurring images and put together a photo gallery with over 40 images for you to inspire and draw your own conclusions:

Note: About the murals consulted, there is no way of knowing the specific data such as age group or social class, but I was able to select users of Pinterest from various parts of the world, including Brazil, for a broad sampling. Interestingly, the Brazilian seem interested much by looks that take formal parts, maybe something more rare in a country where informality is the rule, sounding different and attractive for them, while the more relaxed combinations with shorts and t-shirts do not appear so much by being more common, but that doesn’t mean they are not part of the male looks approved by women , only that they not interested in publishing something that they see every day and does not represent a novelty.