Knitting: Tips for Your Not Looking Like An Armor

One of the easiest options to have in the closet when temperatures drop is good old knitting – preferably that comfortable, soft sweater that someone made with such care. So while for many people the cold is the possibility of becoming more elegant, for others, it is a choice between valuing what is best or staying warm.

Well…This difficulty happens because the knitting has to add a volume that is not ours and make people appear to be wearing armor.

First of all, it is worth knowing that this created volume is not always bad! When you want to value the bust, bring more attention to a narrow trunk, distribute the information brought by a wider hip or just create a more curvaceous image, for example, it is a great ally.

But if these are not your goals, paying attention to some details at the time of purchase, you can use these pieces without finishing with a body that is not yours.


The larger and heavier the stitch and the yarn, the more bulky the piece will be. So if the volume bothers you, it’s cool to think of parts that have only sharp points in the details(like cuffs and sleeves) or that are not so close.


Another thing that helps is thinking about modeling. If the knitting alone already has a pro body volume, it can show a skin tico at strategic points, especially near the neck and face, if you have more information on this natural area. Another option is to choose models with shorter or loose sleeves, for example.

The V-neck in general, are excellent because they leave space pro look go for the body and face.

But that does not mean you need to leave that hot golona aside! When the collar is higher, I think it can still be large to show a little of the neck, for example. And you can get more from

Another way is to think of open pieces, like a cardigan, instead of a sweater-so you can count on the help that the vertical lines will bring to compensate the volume and also count on a layer that defines more its natural forms from below.


Cutouts are another help that we can count on when choosing knitting. Whether they are just changing the information on the lines of the piece or bringing in new materials.

The cuts that bring different materials to the piece are cool because they can help to further define the body and bring structure to the look when the idea is to look cozy but strong.

In this case, it is worth taking a look at the care of the piece, which usually requires double-minded attention.

Besides knitting, do you have any other pieces/types of material that leave you full of doubts? Tell me there in the comments!