Campos Do Jordão’s School of Wizardry Inspired By Harry Potter

This post is for you, no matter the age, still expects an OWL bringing your letter of admission at Hogwarts.

Campos Do Jordão's School of Wizardry Inspired By Harry Potter

Harry Potter in Campos do Jordão?

Inspired by the creation of J.K. Rowling, happen in two weekends of August in Campos do Jordão classes from PK – School of witchcraft and wizardry. Two distinct classes of students will be formed (from 18 to 21/8 for anyone who has ever participated in the event in 2016, and from 25 to 28/8 for beginners), and each one of them, for three nights, will use the facilities of the hotel Nacional Inn Castle to enter her body and soul in a world with the the of Harry Potter.

Any person of 14 years can participate in the School of witchcraft and wizardry. The school offers four options (Eagles, snakes, Tigers and squirrels), complete with uniforms. Eleven professional actors embody teachers, original characters, created especially for the immersion.

Depending on the year in which the student is, you can choose up to eight between the playful materials developed. Some of them: care of Magical Animals; Divination; Witchcraft; Potions and Elixirs; Herbology; Practice defense against the Dark Arts (with nocturnal module); Flight; Astromagia; Magic Story; Deal of the Sereianas Creatures; Magic Brazilian History; Stellar Studies; Ancient Runes; Brazilian flora with an emphasis on magic wands; Advanced techniques in Quadribola; Witchcraft Initiation of Aurors and preventive. Each subject is taught in single rooms and lasts 40 minutes. There is an interval to every two classes and other activities, such as student quadribola Championship and qualification test wizard.

The hotel that serves as a backdrop for the event has a swimming pool, a shopping area like Diagon Alley, a tavern (Boar Eeyore) and a quadribola field. There’s a welcome party and the winter formal, beyond the delivery of diplomas and medals and taking pictures for the Yearbook.

According to the Organization of the event, the youtubers Thiego Nancy (the canal Observatory Potter); Caco Cardassi (the Leaky Cauldron); Leonardo Santi (Patron Net) and Vic Coutinho (knockturn alley), which produce videos about the Harry Potter universe, will be present.

The packages leave from R $2,650.00 and include accommodation (dormitory rooms for up to six students, divided by gender, age group and, obviously, the House to which students belong), transport to/from the bus station of Campos do Jordão; full Board and snacks between classes; student kit (with sweater, Pligg, diplomas and the like) and glass magic refills for use with Kibruxo soda, tea, juice and water.

A nursery for students not yet familiar with flight techniques, use of floo powder or other injuries of Muggles will be available 24 hours a day.

Parents without magic claims that they want to stay nearby can take advantage of the various options of lodging and tours in Campos do Jordão.