Autumn/Winter Basics: the Gray Longsleeve

I myself belong to the people, who are restricted to a certain color palette in autumn/winter fashion. This includes brown and beige tones and every possible gradation of gray and black. I’m very careful with colors, and carry a maximum ( as shown by COS) a highlight piece.

The combination of various gray shades does not have to be boring.But on the contrary! Gray shades are absolutely trendy! Not only the different gradations, but also patterns such as, for example, gray mottled, can break the unit slime. And for the really cold days, I always have a suitable “long sleeve”.

Longsleeve Is Not Equal To Longsleeve

It has to feel very good, can not scratch and should be quite close to the body. This keeps especially warm. And because you can never have enough warm clothes in winter, I’ve been looking for a gray longsleeve for myself, so I went on the Internet. Sure, I could go to Karstadt or Co, but there I would surely only find a small, limited selection. As is the case with fashion…

Fashionable and functional, I was looking for a long-sleeved t-shirt that has nice “ribbons” on the sleeves, so that it does not get cold air. I do not want to freeze!  Another point is, of course, the uniqueness. It should already be something special in some white. A special material, a special pattern or a certain detail! It can also bribe by its simplicity. The Bauhaus-style: Form follows function! And yo can get more from Microedu.

My Favorites

This gray mottled longsleeve from ASOS I liked especially by the pattern. Although it is less solid and falls relatively far, but it has less the character of “ski underwear” and can be worn without anything.

 I like this long sleeve by WESC, as it is very deliberately cut longer. It stretches the upper body, that especially with large men the legs a little shorter and thus the proportions “normalizes”. The sleeves are slightly shortened. I also like the detail on the collar with the two brown buttons. A long-sleeved shirt that does not necessarily have to be hidden under a thick sweater. Not quite cheap, but WESC stands for quality.

G-Star is something like the black-gray perfection in the fashion of men’s clothing. This  gray long-sleeved shirt by G-Star impresses with its tight-fitting fit and this beautiful light gray tone. Made of soft, soft cotton fabric, it is a hair follower. Here it is the classic simplicity!

Last but not least, a long sleeved shirt by SCOTCH&SODA, which is available in a practical two-pack, in two different gray tones. If you follow the blog, I know how much I like the brand and trust her.Therefore these two classic cut long sleeve jerseys were not missing!

The men’s fashion in autumn/winter 2011 is definitely dominated by the most varied gray tones, and no man should be missing a high-quality long-sleeved shirt. For which I have decided, you can almost think already But for which would you decide? Please write your choice in the comments!