Alina’s Sweater in Malhação

Alina uses a light, fluffy and romantic!

Actress Pamela Thomas, Alina of Workout-Your place in the world, caught the attention of everyone by your beauty and resemblance to the actress Letícia Birkheuer, your mother in the novel. The similarity between them is amazing, they look like mother and daughter of truth.

In the current phase of the novel, Alina is married to Uodson, the character of Lucas Lucco, and occasionally appears with your lingerie outfit in the scenes in which the two are enjoying the intimacy. Select a special model, which has been a frequent choice of women not only for bedtime but also at other times. Let’s talk more about that? And you can get more from

This sweater is romantic, fluffy and has charming details such as income on the application and on the lap. Is that model that everyone likes to wear at some point in life. Currently, this style has won the streets around the world in style Outwear: the so-called Slip Dress, sweater dress, sweater or dress as they please call! Many customers have been looking for sweater models can be used in day to day looks, and that’s why we’re putting this Jersey Alina as an example. Is a beautiful sweater for intimate moments, romantic and relaxing, don’t you think?

So watch these inspirations:

Can you see the same shirt worn by Alina these looks? And although many people think that this style can only be used in summer, it can be used in the cold too, you just have to know mix coats and winter accessories like a scarf, boots, hats and jackets. The shirt is light, serves as the Foundation’s look and adds the romantic touch of the composition, getting too much or too little, is entirely up to you.

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